Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An eventful Monday climbing

Met Clint at the Lembert Dome picnic area. Really glad that he drove up to climb and hang out with me. All the photos below are courtesy of Clint.

Started off on Golfers route on low profile dome...much longer and more runout than either of us remember. I was belaying Clint in the furnace so I was pretty dehydrated, sunburned etc by the time we were done there. No matter. We decide to do Holdless Horror on Dozier. Neither of us remembered the approach so there was a fair bit of bush whacking and we got a late start. Still a fair bit of snow at the base - alpine climbing! My energy level was very low and I was not at all psyched abt getting up this thing...but I thought, if Alex Honnold can do the Half Dome - el cap link up, I can stick it out for a couple of pitches.

First pitch. A snowy start.
The climb started off hot and blazing. I have ridiculous looking tan lines on my back as a result. Clint and I were not too psyched abt the second pitch where it gets a bit wide. There were ominous looking clouds in the distance and we saw rain to the north and heard the thunder.  At that point we decided it would be better to get higher up and then look for the rap route to the left of the climb. then we got hailed on. Then rained on, then the wind picked up. Wonderful. After some traversing and down climbing, we find the rap station. We descend as quickly as possible, down a bloody waterfall, wet ropes and all. Took at a couple of full rope length raps; I'm still not a huge fan of rapping. Or lowering. Pretty psyched to get out of my soaking wet shoes and shirt into my soaking wet approach shoes and jacket which had been left out of my pack in the open. More meandering through the forest for awhile before we get back to the car just before dark. Race to the Mobil station for a humungous bowl of veggie chilli (still cant believe I ate the whole thing, such a glutton). In short, awesome day :) I think clint and I are pretty good people to be around when climbing situations get a little iffy - I was glad to have him as my partner.

Days like that remind me how climbing combines so many different things to make it the ultimate activity/sport.

A long wet final rappel. Still not a huge fan of it.

At least we caught a double rainbow at the end. Notice the soaking wet pants, jacket and bloody knee. Good times.

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