Friday, August 10, 2012


Drove up North to a town on the water called Manchester-by-the-Sea. During the drive up there, all I could think was, people say the West Coast is soul-less in its modern, cookie-cutter architecture (true), but the East Coast is just old and soul-less too. Same strip malls, albeit older and rougher looking, line the highways. However, Manchester-by-the-Sea was quite beautiful. It looked like how I imagined a New England town would look like...small fishing town, mist lingering over the water, small boats moored in the harbour. I SUP'd a little around the harbour (I was demo'ing some SUPs I am thinking about purchasing) and was sweating buckets by the time I was done - mostly because I'm an unfit porker right now and also because of the humidity. Welcome to New England!

Have been wanting to keep up with my Spanish but don't want to pay private tutor prices. Have found some options. The most interesting and cheapest option is where I have a Skype call with a tutor located in Latin America. Pretty cool, eh? 10% of the profits from this organization go to

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