Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gijon: Day 5 - Rest day

Friday was a rest day before Finals on Saturday. It was a rather lazy, uneventful day, involving walking to Cimavilla, eating (no exaggeration) about a pound of bonito (tuna) and pan, followed by more sweets from the nearby pasteleria (carbo-loading, right?); I was glad to have some slightly fatty tuna in me as I waded into the slightly chilly water at Playa de San Lorenzo. It was pretty nice to be able to sun-bathe and walk around topless without anyone giving you a second look. I do appreciate what seems to be a greater comfort with one's body here, than in the U.S., say.

The format for tomorrow is (all times GMT +2):

1500: Isolation opens
1545: Isolation closes. All competitors must be in isolation before this time otherwise they will be disqualified.
1645: Route viewing
1700: Climbing begins for the Paraclimbing Masters categories (categories which had four or less competitors)
1900: My category climbs a bit after this (although there will probably be delays)
2100: Award ceremony

Trying not to throw up. I wish I were better at effectively translating nerves into stoke. It's weird, because that is a skill that comes with practice and I've had lots of practice with other competitive sports prior to my accident. But, for some reason, I don't have this confidence in myself right now. I know I should see this as a celebration of how far I have come since my accident, and a pretty big achievement given the magnitude of the accident and how I have only been indoor-climbing less than a year. But I still feel tremendous pressure (from myself) to medal because I know I am pretty strong and capable of doing so. I think the biggest let-down will be if I did not climb to the best of my abilities.

The IFSC Paraclimbing Finals can be viewed live here:

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